Value in America    

From the outset, it might appear that there are two possible societal structural types that could or maybe should provide harmony and safety to everyone.

Benevolent dictator is one and rule by benevolent group is the other.

The latter was implied in America by a rather large group throughout the 21 century. Something, however, went wrong. The most likely explanation for the fading of such a dream, lies in insufficient awareness of how that system existed as well as insufficient awareness of how that system was suppose to function, and also the fact that the media, which understood a lot of this, was not at all sencere about maintaining rule by a benevolent group.

America was the dream land of the future, though by the year 2013, there are a lot of voices saying America is lost, and is on its way to ruin. Getting America back on track seems like an impossible uphill climb. Impossible, unless some source of solid super power is supplied.

There are still dreamers and there is a movement centered in Texas, which is persuing the ideas of protecting freedom and balance of power. Dreaming is where all good things begin.

A source of solid super power is a very phylosophically technical issue. Thinking on this is where the answer lies. This is about value and worth. There is not a more worthwhile pursuit. This is, at least to a small extent, ingrained in all life and all matter as well. Value building and life are the same thing.