True Wealth

What is true wealth and where is true wealth? The study of this issue leads to the sources of wealth. The springs of wealth - and we are talking energy.

By crazy earthly standards, billioneers are wealthy. Are billioneers generous at all, as a greater-than-50-percent rule? They are not generous, and they don't give to where life is sorely needed. By cosmic standards, billioneers are very poor, and they seem to be proud when they show their poverty. A truely wealthy person shows a willingness to share, on average to most people, and does not desire to exclude anyone completely. A truely wealthy person is willing to talk about the facts of life, because a truely wealthy person does not feel a need to be malicious.

The facts of life. Television, on average, is malicious. Washington is malicious. Goverment in general, has over time, become quite malicious. And after looking at the world from many angles, people are generally malicious. Maliciousness is a condition that proves a state of poverty. A truely wealthy person would not go around wreaking havoc, because he or she would not feel the need to go so low in standards. Such low standards lead to a low quality life style and even self demise.

Anyone who wants to know where wealth is located should search for the source of wealth, which is going to be and show, by nature, a generocity of which "billioneers" are not capable. Life style either spirals up, or spirals down. Anyone who tries to be wealthy by beating it out of other people is going to spiral downward. The year 2012 is not a time to be stupid. Old methods and standards of wealth no longer apply. The future lies in generocity.