Time is not a substance. It is not interchangeable with space. A conscious or self-monitoring being is capable of feeling or sensing the flow of energy when dreaming ideas even if those ideas can not exist in the 3 dimensional physical/energy system. For example, you can imagine a perfect world in great detail, even enumerate and thoroughly detail many aspects of such a perfect world. This is perfectly valid because it induces the flow of energy. However, this does not mean that such a perfect world exists or could ever exist. Dreaming about visiting the future causes energy to flow, however in the physical/energy system time is nothing and does not even exist. A set of stones can be quantified and counted. There is not a real way to count time because there is no device that perfectly counts time. Time is real only to conscious beings, and it is a matter of perception and still impossible to count. Sometimes 4 minutes seems like 2 minutes, and at another time it can seem like 10 minutes.

Dreaming is intensely important, and to attempt to stop dreaming is, in a very serious way, to invite death. This does not change the fact that in the strictest sense, everything that exists, is and is within 3 dimensions. 1 million years from now, there may be beings searching for the fourth dimension. If so, they can search for another million years and at the end they will still not have found it.

Some things end during the decline of the universe. In the surface decline of the universe disconnection happens. Like the reverse of connecting the dots. After a long process of disconnection it turns course and begins connecting again.

There is a great deal of merit in remote control. Power wielded at leisure actually means the condition of being well-connected. If you want it you had better do it. Why run from something you want? If peace means the chance to live, then why say that peace is a bad thing. Connect the dots.

Life is a paradox. There are three dimensions and a lot of energy inside the infinite box. There is a lot more space than energy and where energy comes from is a good question. Observation shows that at least by appearances, there is more energy at certain times than at other points in time. The thing to know about energy is that we draw energy from the space around us. Very little energy comes from the food we eat. Ninety nine percent of the energy we live on comes directly from the space around us. If that energy is cut off, death is pretty much instantaneous. Yet there is no physical instrument that can effectively control such energy, which flows through any physical object. Visualize in your mind, the energy around you. Realize that you are in the center of a maze. Now find your way out.