Any type of human killing, whether a soldier at war, a domestic violence situation, a drug related killing, a police death on the job - any type of killing - these all stem from one same thing, that is the need for population control. It has always been this way, and now especially, this is the wrong way for society to control its numbers.

It is totally wrong for society to send a young man to war, under the conditions and the way this is done. Yet there is a critical need for population control, that is, the size of the population. Ants reproduce without consideration for the health and well-being of its individuals. The higher you look up the power latter in the universe, the more you see the sacredness of life and living, and the extend the individuals go to protect their lives.

The solution is to plan ahead. At this time, the numbers of people should be replaced, and not grow. This goes for the human population as well as the spirit world. The universe is only so big, and to use up all the energy in the air is insane and suicidal.

Mathematically, the smaller the population, the longer life will last in the universe. If we are here already then live and let live, but cut off new births beyond replacing. I am not an ant, and that is the way it is.