The Future of Power

Most people find it very difficult to believe that there is such a thing as altruistic self-interest. I believe it is possible under one condition. It must be in-forced or administered by someone with excess power, the excess of which is used for split purposes - both self-interest and altruistic. For all practical experience, the universe is finite because everything we know in relation to our lives and personal power or abilities, is finite. The space, even of which the largest individual can occupy, and the energy available, is finite. So here is the big question:

What happens when the largest individual has no place to go? What happens when growing faster than the rate of expansion of the universe, means to outright kill smaller individuals?

In such a situation, it becomes desirable to grow in perfect proportion to the rate of universal expansion. However, it is necessary to further define what desirable growth is. The most desirable growth happens by way of what is called dimensional development. As time passes and as we think our thoughts, moment by moment, dimensional development becomes more and more complex. Dimension is increased.

Higher dimensional complexity is more powerful than simplicity, because it posesses more tangible connections to raw high-force energy. Growth by way of dimensional development is the best type of growth for one very important reason. In its purest form, this type of growth does not increase the energy demand on the energy base in the air and space. This means that in its purest form the high-energy side of the energy cycle of high-energy-time/low-energy-time can be stretch out to the lengthiest time possible.

The big picture makes it possible to understand that altruism can only happen when someone has a monopoly or, in other words, an excess of power. Without such a situation, there is as there was, untold suffering and pain.

As time passes, and as the most powerful individual moves into the future, there is truly no choice except to grow by increasing dimension, because to kill without need is to waist opportunity for new dimension. Mind over energy. Power is life if power is used to construct and not destruct unnecessarily.