There are four main aspects to be thinking in your mind as you are engaged in a public speech: self-confidence, clear speech, style and content. If the content is the main purpose for the speech, then the content must be of need or interest by the audience.

When giving a content driven speech, self confidence happens when you are not rushed, you are calm, and the content of your speech is of good quality. If you have a natural calm feeling when delivering your speech, this is may be evidence that you are commanding attention, you are entertaining by using good style and delivering quality content.

Aurally you should speak clearly. This goes without saying, just as a reminder, practicing enunciation should be a priority whenever there is communication with anyone.

Styles can in theory be categorized. Styles are theoretical and you must use your mind to formulate a definition of your style. Your style should include the concept of continuity. You are providing a service; your service is to deliver information, entertainment and value. Once you have given the introduction, in general you are no longer introducing anything. At that point on, it is a matter of a succession of service. You deliver the rest of the speech in a more or less even tone that is informative and entertaining at the same time. This is not easy to do, but this is the hallmark of a speech of quality.

Nearly every speech should be planned ahead of time. This means some, if not plenty of preparation and research. The best thing to do is to write an article that will essentially be your speech, with the exception that you are not going to read the article to your audience. Taking time to write an article, you will when finished, know exactly the information you want to deliver and you will know the style of delivery. Then write a list of key words, which correspond to the series of ideas in your article, in the exact same order as is written. Practice memorizing and recalling the connections between the key words and the ideas, so you can have the list in front of you while speaking.

If you accept this method for your speech giving, next is to understand how to write an article. The article must have a fair degree of smooth flow, from idea to idea. Having said that, itís all about style. There is an almost endless myriad of speech and article styles. Begin by reading some well written material, and then formulate a category for it. Do this consecutively for five articles, you will begin to see the contrasts and differences between them. Choose one of your style formulas, the one that fits your article the best.

Putting all this together you will be able to give a speech that is informative, entertaining and of great value to your company.