Is it really necessary for everything to be cyclical? A lot of people would say yes, because that's the way a free market works. The implication is that everything in existence it cyclical, and that includes national security.

That means that some day, another building will come down.

What if there was a semi-static system. What if it was illegal for the government to run a deficit with money that belongs to me and others like me. It seems stupid to stray off center or off course. There's proof that the current path is distruction for America.

So it's out of control, right? Are we to give up?

There is the centrist idea, and it is so unpopular. It's like no one has enough power to energize the centrist concept. I think I do my part, but I guess I have to get a lot better at the game. Is it even remotely possible to create a centrist world?

Centrism is a somewhat new political party that is based on common sense, and the promotion of the American good. Libertarianism is more of a free market view, with a lot less government. The problem with free market thoughts is that it suggests passivity. Ayn Rand wanted to believe that people would generally do what is best for all concerned if given the opportunity. Guess again. A lot of people are not that way.

Centrism tries to be realistic and take everything into consideration. My version is strict lock in the center, and it requires a new energy and new way of thinking.