fear and greed    

There are two types of greed. The first is from the past and lives even today. It is characterized by general disregard for other creatures. In some cases, this first type shows care for family and friends, with disregard for all others. This is the live and let die lifestyle. It is marked by the acceptance of maiming and mutilation, sometimes as long as it is done at a distance, and sometimes distance is not felt to be necessary.

While self is always first, the second type of greed is aggression within reason. This lifestyle is marked by a consistent attempt to work a solution for the problems of conflict and strife.

In the world of 2014, the general approach to life is the intentional creation of controversy, disagreement, dissension and fighting.

The single biggest problem with the standard mode of operation, is that danger is created even for those who cause the most animosity and friction.

Improvements in the lifestyle of earth people, is a very slow process. Therefore, people must be watched and the general method is like baby-sitting. Nevertheless, evolution happens. And speaking of evolution, that word should be develuption, from the word develop, because it has less to do with evil, than progression. And the devil should instead be called crap.

Then there is fear, which is balanced against aggression. It is fear that keeps people in line. People are always reminded that loosing there lives is much worse than living life.