Ethics means looking out for everyone and the only way to do that is to be organized. This requires that sensible organizational structures be respected if such have everyone's interest in mind. In other words, will love win in the end or hate. America has been the greatest land of love, despite many people trying to tear it apart.

When doing business with people out of the U.S. ethics should not change. Respect everyone and know that America must turn a profit. High standards is the answer to the question. Know in your heart that if you care about your family and friends then you will vehemently protect them. This is the definition of the word "ethics".

What happens if you think of yourself only? Then if you are lucky, you might achieve some success while your family, friends and country fall to ruin. You will reach a point of pointlessness and there will be no feeling. There will be no one to even understand you, there will be no agreement, and life will have no meaning. In the end there will be no energy and no reason to live.

If you understand that energy is the essence of life, then you will pursue that exactly. Social energy is what makes life worth living. You will do the things that build love and you will move up the energy scale instead of sliding down to nothingness. Americans should believe in their culture and build it instead of thinking that "imported" is special. The greatest is right here in front of us. Who could ever sing better than Karen Carpenter? How could a car look better than a Cadillac? If you like futuristic, then where will you see anything better than what you can see in the movie "2001: A Space Odyssey"? If you are an American then where will you ever find anything as good as what you see here?

It is wrong to do the opposite of what you say you are going to do. Money is important to everyone. Everyone deserves at least enough money to live. Theft on a grand scale deserves punishment on a grand scale. It begs the question: Do you really want to live? Do you care about yourself?

Will America be here 200 years from now? What are really the most effective government policies? Does it make sense to ignore reality? America is a beautiful country and should be protected with high standards. Out with cheap and in with the real thing, which incidentally is not Coca Cola and it is not a national budget deficit and not a trade deficit either. Can you face reality?