Our republic has been going awry. So many people are saying that everything is ok and it is the best system so leave it alone. Well if the country is going bankrupt then everything is not ok.

To solve the problem is more a matter of changing people than changing the structure of the government. So I am attempting to shift power to a different set of people and/or a different set of values and thought. The republic I envision is under the control of a group of people who number in the thousands or even millions. It's a matter of recruting this group. They would be people who understand that lasting power must actually be concerned with the survival of all living people, not just the rich or well off. Value would be created from the top and rickle down. Generosity would ensure that everyone gets some value and we should be aware that everyone's amount of value requirement is different. Value is energy. As we go around in circles we either spiral downward or we can spiral upwards. The right kind of art creates power IF and only if we use it for that purpose. If we ignore this, then we spiral downwards. The kind of art that creates power (IF we choose to use it for that purpose) is etherial art. Movies like 2001: A Space Odyssey and music like Karen Carpenter. A lot of the art that comes out of Hollywood these days is garbage and there is no way to use such art for the creation of value and thus the creation of power. When power shifts into the hands of people who understand that if you want a nicer home then you have to trade for it, not just take advange of society and the working class. The way it is now, people beat value out of the weaker classes. But if the working class is beaten to near extinction, then value and power can no longer be created. So we should play a new game. Power is in being smart and not just back-stabbing other people for their money. Let's work together and when you make a business deal with someone remember that power is to be created for both seller and buyer in ALL sales transactions. This is not as obvious as some people say it is. There are too many transactions that rape the so-called customer. I am suggesting that a centrist society is one that protects value, beauty and energy. Without these attributes, we will sink down into a back-stabbing culture where the finer things simple can not survive.