A crystal is a beautiful thing. There is a lot more to a crystal than is typically identified. Crystals reflect light, bend light and generate and create beautiful colors.

A company or a person can be like a crystal. This is something to aspire to, as crystals must be built, and that takes time. The finer the crystal, the longer it has been worked on, and built with care. Fine crystalline structures have strong internal elements and are rigid and can stand up high and tall.

There is very little stirring done when building a fine crystal. They are not built by whirl-wind antics. The finest examples are testaments to time, and that also means they last a long time.

Idealistically speaking, everything should last forever. Fine companies and even fine governments should last forever. And this is how it is done - by day to day refinements to the crystal. Planning for the future should be a part of everyday consciousness. The finest crystals last the longest.