Communication is often the art of solving conflict. This will help to better your financial condition, as well as better the financial condition of the company you work for, and of the nation as well. Here we look to logic because there is often conflict over small misconceptions that lead to inappropriate ideas about what is fair and what makes sense. Start by recognizing that we are here to better ourselves and better the country. Self-interest is first, but it is pointless to defeat oneself. We should support and build our surroundings.

Working together means that we all need to feel good about our jobs. A person can help him or her self by understanding how to help co-workers. Many of the people around us, have difficulties seeing situations as they really are. Indeed it is often difficult for any person, no matter how intelligent, to fully see all the things that make up a situation of conflict. One very important behavior to look for is the willingness of a person to try to find a way to satisfy the interests of everyone in a conflict. This can only happen when there is an agreement that all concerns be touch upon and addressed. Every person in a conflict should be able to walk away with a compromise that gives that person some satisfaction. This is much better than a resolution that leaves one or more persons feeling a total loss, which would be no resolution at all. Such an arrangement is self-defeating for everyone.

Ask the persons in a conflict, questions that help to clarify the particular points of illogic. This does not necessarily mean that the problem is automatically concluded. It may be a good idea to share moral with someone. In other words, let them know you believe that their view has validity and should be included in the negotiations underway, in order to satisfy everyone involve. Ask questions and listen, even if you have the authority to enforce your position. One of the most important things to think about, when faced with a conflict at work, is to try to understand what the other person is thinking. The will to create an amicable environment on many levels and in many places, is the key to satisfying people and their needs.

It is good to speak softly and with authority. What does this mean? Use logic effectively to lead the attention of whomever is involved in conversation with you. By believing that there may be a degree of truth in any person's thoughts, you then will want to always attempt to satisfy the particular needs of that person, to the degree that creates a peaceful environment, and a good working surrounding. Every person should know, that they themselves, are not necessarily the enemy of the people who are speaking out. So try to stay out of the line of fire by not giving anyone a reason to think you are causing trouble. Everyone should walk away feeling that they are continuing with a compromise that suits everyone involved.