There are wealthy individuals that place money first in their lives for obvious reasons - safety. They disregard the safety of the American public by supporting a system where money is more important than the nation. Big Biz pays the lobbyists to control the congress. Big Biz is more concerned with profit than balancing the national budget, and we know that without a balance budget, America has no long-term future. It is human nature to put self first, but we need to collectively take control of this out-of-control behavior and compromise with each other to the point where we place importance on American culture. You can argue that American culture is the same as any other and if it dies, it does not matter. I don't accept that since I see American culture as being particularly special. So profiting at the expense of national security is self-defeating. Value is born in America and value is a nucleus where energy is born and flows like a spring. If we destroy the nucleus there is no value-structure and a back-stabbing culture will be the norm.

I am suggesting that a centrist society is one that protects value, beauty and energy. Without these attributes, we will sink down into a back-stabbing culture where the finer things simple can not survive.