A review of American socio-economics these days will reveal that intellectualism seems to have little effect on a 24-hour by 24-hour basis. Actually something does happen on a daily basis, although such changes are rather innate, and must be understood to be seen on the surface. In the long scheme of things, American intellectualism is a matter of life and death.

Taking a look back you will see that sophistication of culture and the artistic side of knowledge, is almost a thing of the past. The art of Frank Lloyd Wright may be the best example of American complexity in architecture. The intellectual culture of his day was a luxury that is almost missing now. There are still individuals in western culture that know how to produce works of distinction. However, a reversal is necessary to see such great artistic manifestations in the mainstream again.

Why is this important? Soft and delicate renditions in art are often perceived to be entirely a reflection of a society with a surplus of power. This is not all the truth. Any movement of energy either induces or requires a reciprocal movement of energy. This means that, in the timeless perspective, the first is the cause of the second, and the second is the cause of the first. This indicates the necessity for conscious directive decisions that build American power and intellectual activity, as power will produce art and art will produce power.

Understanding the proper usage of energy supplies, once implemented, can produce solid domination in the market place. Intentions are the directives of the catalysts that produce long term results. One of the best places to begin is with church culture, which still retains lingering forces from times when power was more firmly in the hands of individuals with esoteric purposes. Power shifts often start by the intention to construct didactic values, and the projections of such. Restoring America to its former elegance, or at least creating such for those who did not experience it, by establishing supporting elements, should be the goal of Americans with any influence.

Appearances are often deceptive, and profound philosophic ideas are usually innate, hidden, and often mysterious because of the difficulty of identification. An effort needs to be made to understand what America had 100 years ago, that has made it a great place. A culture characterized by freedom from pain and worry is not built on standard building blocks. A focus on kindness and the proper use of force will have a positive effect on the national economy.